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or clapping your hands with the music. Leave the radio on because you might feel like doing more when particular music is played.
Many find it helpful to do such activities with other people and that is the benefit of going along to group activities. It is an opportunity to forget about your difficulties and concentrate on a bit of movement or dancing.
At the Hinckley Group ; ‘Movement to Music’ and ‘Singing for Fun’ are held each week at the Elmesthorpe Village Hall on Friday afternoons. People can sit or stand for the movement sessions and many stay on for the singing, providing important breathing and facial exercise. For other activities the Hinckley Group meets on Sunday December 10th and January 21st at 2.30 at the Mary Forryan Centre, Hinckley; the ‘Let’s Get Active’ weekly exercises at 3.00 at the St. Francis Centre; Tudor Road, the monthly informal ‘Drop Ins’ at Dobbies at Stapleton on the third Monday, from 2.00 in the Restaurant Conservatory.
We have a monthly Carers Group on the third Tuesday of each month at the same time as the exercise class. For further information please contact Janet Kavanagh on 07932615233.
Finally, let me wish all readers a Happy Christmas and Enjoyable New Year.
Countesthorpe Women’s Institute, who meet at the Bridge opposite the Co-op, were treated to a Beauty Demonstration and Talk by Marie Hill of local business Beauty Within. Marie chose member Diana Lee for a facial treatment and explained the benefits of deep cleansing and moisturising our skin.
At the November meeting we had a talk by Tom Philips about the origins and delights of chocolate.
The Group has a full diary of varied and interesting Speakers planned for 2024 and new members are always welcome.
We would like to wish the readers a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.
B Talbot - President.
From correspondence received I know that many people who read these articles do not have Parkinson’s themselves but have a friend or relative with the disease and the articles help towards an understanding of their difficulties or worries in everyday life. Others read out of general interest or they have another illness which may have some similarities. One of the regular pieces of advice to help delay the worsening of problems is also something that helps so much with other illnesses - or indeed general aging which is something everyone faces. Research clearly demonstrates that some form of exercise is so important for everyone - but do carry on reading if you hate the thought of exercise because it does not have to involve gym membership or marathon running! If you can’t get out for a gentle walk in the fresh air simply moving to music can benefit our bodies and mental health so much. It has been shown that chronic pain, stress and blood pressure can be lowered by some simple regular exercises just for a few minutes each day. For those with Parkinson’s such activity is particularly helpful for muscle strength, balance and reducing the risk of falling. Movement in the form of simple dancing can be undertaken whilst sitting in a chair or standing up. Movement of arms, legs, feet, toes and shoulders in time to some music, works wonders over time! Give it a go! Switch on the radio for some music, lively or gentle, and start moving those limbs for a few minutes at a time. This might include just tapping the feet

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