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                              18 THE NEW COUNTESTHORPE HERALD
On Sunday 27th November 2022 (Advent Sunday) the Service of Light was held at St Andrew’s Church.
Those who had lost loved ones in the last two years received personal invites but anyone
who wished to remember loved ones no longer with us were invited to join with us and celebrate their lives.
Coming together helps us realise we are not alone and that others also share the sadness bereavement brings.
During the service there were leaves to be placed on our large cross, candles for everyone to light and also an opportunity to add loved ones’ names onto our Tree of Light. The service included hymns, Bible readings, reflective music and was attended by around 90 people.
“Those we have loved live on in our hearts” Gail Mackley, Associate Minister Four Saints Benefice
You probably know that the Bible is not just one book, but a whole collection of them, written over a very long period of time - 1,500 years - and by a variety of very different authors, from kings and scholars to peasants and fishermen. So how do all the different books relate to each other? Is there any connection? Recently a group at St Andrew’s have completed ‘The Bible Course’, devised
interesting conversation
with the Bishop after he
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start to the service! Jo was
welcomed by a very active lay ministry team and refreshments were held in the nearby primary school.
Several local families have been hosting people from Ukraine and the church has been welcoming them. Some of the Ukrainian children have participated in village activities, including the Carol Service at St Andrew’s.
The Harvest Supper raised £100 for each of the church and the Food Bank.
Raised for the church or The Bridge: Christmas Fayre £920. Friendship Teas £470. During 2022 the Craft Group donated £180, Mothers’ Union £200 and the Loose Change and Smartie Tube appeals over £500. The Rainbow Shop Fashion Show raised £217 for the church as well as the same amount for Christian Aid. The Christingle service on Christmas Eve raised £235 for the Children’s Society.
3 March Quiz Night, Village Hall: 7.30 for 8pm Teams of six. Book with the Rector: Tel: 278 0907 E-Mail: richard.vicarage@
by the Bible Society, and that answers this question in a very engaging and compelling way. The presenters are full of enthusiasm as they demonstrate the ‘Big Story’ of the Bible in a whistle-stop tour: how the problems of mankind developed soon after Creation, and how God’s ultimate plan all along was to bring about redemption of the world through Jesus – and how the story has not yet finished; we are still part of it today!
The course also explains that the Bible contains different types of literature, such as history, poetry, prophecy, allegory – and they should be interpreted accordingly and always placed in context.
If anyone is interested in exploring this further, the course can be found on the Bible Society website: https://www. the-bible-course/ Alison Dale
Where are they now?
On 31st August at Sapcote some members of our congregation attended a joyful service when the Revd Jo Hover was inducted as Rector of Sapcote and Sharnford cum Wigston Parva.
The then Jo Benner was seconded as Curate to our benefice from October 2020 until June 2021. She married the Revd Dave Hover in January 2021.
Dave was our Curate from mid-2016 till early 2019 and is now Priest in Charge of St Andrew’s Leicester Forest and St Crispin’s Braunstone Town with Thorpe Astley.
Jo was inducted by Bishop Martyn. Family anCodunftreiestnhdorspoe fHethraelmd.pbdfoth1atte1n9/d0e1d/2.023 Jo’s 10-year-old son Nicholas had a very
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11 March Charity Gig at St Andrew’s, 7.30pm £3.
Contact the Church Office: 277 8643 11:25
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