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big believer that everything happens for a reason. I knew I had to turn this chapter of my life into a positive, and it has completely changed my mindset. I want to reach and help more people - which is where the idea for AMBITION originally came from.”
“I had always wanted to own my business, and the crash allowed me to focus my mind, and to evaluate exactly what I wanted to do in life.”
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A local entrepreneur is celebrating her first successful year in business, just three years after surviving a horrific car crash that nearly took her life.
Laura Till, from Countesthorpe, Leicester, set up AMBITION Sports Coaching Ltd to deliver high quality sports coaching and academic support for young people up and down the country, and works closely with schools and alternative provisions. As AMBITION approached its first year anniversary, we caught up with Laura to discover how different things could have been.
Back on the 1st October 2019, Laura was traveling on the M1 Northbound for the first day of her new job.
“I remember it like it was yesterday.” Laura explains. “I was really looking forward to the first day of my new job,
and I remember traveling along the M1. It was raining quite heavily, and I wanted to get to work safely. I was driving in the slow lane, and as I was driving between Junction 24 and 25, that’s when the lorry hit me...”
“I was terrified. I was sat facing oncoming traffic, and I remember seeing a white van coming straight for me, which luckily swerved out of the way at the last minute.” A driver managed to stop, and assist Laura, but a lot of damage had already been done.
“When I crashed into the central reservation, I was tilted, just on two wheels, I could see the ground, and I remember hitting my head as the car fell back onto a slant. My back and neck were hurting so badly, and the pain still causes me issues today.”
The crash caused Laura to suffer from PTSD, and to this day still has to see chiropractors, and lives in pain from the trauma of the crash. The injuries meant that Laura struggled to do simple tasks like wash her own hair.
Despite all of this trauma and injury, Laura and her team at AMBITION Sports Coaching Ltd have developed a strong reputation for delivering quality sports coaching that is fun, informative, and makes a difference to communities up and down the country.
“The crash had such a negative impact on my mental health; however, I am a
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