December 2015 Issue 300
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Village Newspaper
300th edition
December 2015
Yes Sunday the 13th of September was certainly a day to remember as both adults and children were mesmerised by the amazing events of the day at The Countesthorpe Family Fun Day
As The Herald celebrates its 300th edition, its pages reflecting life in this changing village community, many residents today will be unaware of the layout of Countesthorpe as it was in September 1971 when the first edition of the village newspaper was edited, printed and delivered to every house. The Countesthorpe Herald was reformatted in September 1979 after the setting-up of a new committee of volunteers following the instigation of the vicar Brian Davis it was given the current ‘New Countesthorpe Herald’ banner in 1988.
Until the mid-1960s the growth of the village was slow. The population had increased from 540 in 1801 to 839 in 1831. By 1937 it was approximately 1500.
In the mid-1960s, the first of several large estates was built and the years between then and 1975 saw a more rapid growth in the population. The aerial view, c. 1965, shows the newly built Jelson estate in the top right corner and the beginning of the Linden Farm estate in the top left. St Andrews church stands out in the centre with the newly built Co-op opposite. The old Co-op next to it is waiting to be demolished. Looking north you can see Cosby’s farm which is now the Health Centre. To the south is the site of the Conservative Club, now demolished and awaiting redevelopment.
The street plan for the village was initially laid out in medieval times; a number of the older buildings can be seen in the centre. There are examples of timber framed, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses together with more recent styles.
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